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The Best Way To Get Rid Of Termites: Prevent It From Invading Your House

Termite and Pest Control

Our Four Season approach to residential pest control consists of the most advanced technology and methods available today. Every home gets a customized pest management strategy to get pests out of your home and keep them out year-round!

Termite Pest Control Management
Cockroach Pest Control Management
Flies Pest Control Management
Bed Bugs Pest Control Management
Residential and Commercial Fumigation

Termite Pest Control Management , Rodent Pest Control Management, Cockroach Pest Control Management, Flies Pest Control Management, Bed Bugs Pest Control Management, Residential and Commercial Fumigation, Serving the following locations, Glendale Pest Control, Burbank Pest Control, La Crescenta Pest Control, L, Canada Flintridge Pest Control, South Pasadena Pest Control 

Eagle Rock Pest Control, Pasadena Pest Control, Arcadia Pest Control, Monrovia Pest Control, West Covina Pest Control, Walnut Pest Control, Covina Pest Control, Glendora Pest Control, La Verne Pest Control 


What They Say About Our Services

Attack Pest Management was recommended to us by our next door neighbor.  Until this day, we still thank them for that.  We called Attack Pest Management when we first noticed some droppings in our guest bathroom.  In no time, Jeff came and inspected our house and true-enough we had termites in our house.  Jeff assured us that this can be controlled.  We followed his recommendations, availed of their annual maintenance program, and we never saw a trace of termite ever since.  Definitely, 5 stars to Jeff and Attack Pest

Karen Davis
Walnut, CA

Jeff has been our go-to termite inspector for over 5 years. He certainly knows and passionate about what he does.  He thoroughly explains to us his findings and answers all of our questions and concerns.  We highly recommend Jeff and Attack Pest Management in all your termite problems.  He will not disappoint you.

Shari Ybanez
San Dimas, CA

My parents have been using Attack Pest Management since the 1980’s.  From Jim to Jeff, they have been very happy with the company.  Besides their excellent customer service, their pricing is one to beat.  No doubt they have been in business for this long.  Thank you Jim and Jeff.

Heidi  Wink
West Covina, CA

Attack Pest Management has inspected and serviced my home for more than ten years. Jeff has been the inspector every year and he does a very thorough job each time. If there has been problem Attack has treated it promptly and completely. I’m totally satisfied with the company.

Mrs. Nielsson
South Pasadena, CA

I have used Attack Pest Management for my termite control on an annual basis for years. I find them reliable, efficient and reasonably priced.

Fay S.
Glendale, CA

I have a long time working relationship with Attack Pest Management. I found there customer service outstanding. They ensured that my escrows close on time and fulfill all termite requirements. Attack is the best.

Kay Eckert
Lyons & Associates Inc. Realtor

Our Homeowner’s Association has used Attack Pest Management for over 20 years. They CARE about their clients and do everything they can to protect our property. They not only do annual inspections and treatments but respond immediately on an individual basis if a homeowner detects an issue. It is reassuring to know Attack Pest Management is partnering with us in the maintenance of our property.

Leah Newsom
Villa Christina HOA



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