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Does the coronavirus pandemic have an impact in the termite control industry?

The termite management professionals in the industry have immensely been affected by the “new normal,” akin to those from other sectors. They practice the bare minimum interaction and socialization during the inspection, which is uncommon before. Termite inspectors even put themselves at risk for acquiring COVID-19 because of their responsibilities. Nonetheless, they still do their best to provide protection to homes, offices, and buildings against pest infestation.

Why should I still consider termite inspections during the pandemic?

Termite infestation does not stop even during the pandemic. It is why companies ensure that they prepare safety measures as requisites when performing their job, so they can still do it during the pandemic. Knowing that your house is not overran by termites is a not a frivolous ambition, especially because most people stay at home.

This article will demystify the value of termite inspections during the coronavirus crisis.

To avoid termites from pestering homes and offices

As mentioned above, termites do not stop from pestering homes even at the course of a global crisis. During the first phase of lockdown, many business offices and establishments were forcedly closed by the government to avoid mass gatherings. It resulted to abandoning these buildings. Hence termites freely pestered offices and establishments. Through conducting termite inspections can these pests be eliminated.

To avoid putting the well-being and health of people at risk

Termites can go through extremes to the extent that it can put our health at risk. These pests spread molds that may trigger skin allergies or asthma. Their mighty jaws may also damage electrical wirings that may cause electrocution. They can also be especially dangerous when they get into wooden things at home, namely, furniture, chairs, and even bed.

To continue the support of professional pest management in public health

Pest inspectors belong to the ensemble that contributes to keeping the public health safety. Every homeowner is entitled to their well-being, even against pests. Instilling that termite damage cannot be massive is a pitfall for many homeowners. Taking care of the overall safety of the family includes securing that the home is safe and sound from any form of harm—including termites.


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