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Is my home safe from termites?

Termites can be a significant concern for many homeowners. So is your home safe from termites? The answer varies with you. It is only a matter of time before they build their territory and start damaging the wooden structures of your home. You can actually prevent it by taking appropriate measures that help keep them from coming back. Your wooden ceiling, walls, and floors can be the perfect target for termites. That is why your home is not safe unless you ensure that it is not an inviting site for them.

Why do termites target my home?

Termites can get attracted to structures for various reasons. Unfortunately, most of us cannot track them easily due to their size. We often end up seeing the devastating state that they caused. That said, it would be great to know what things make your house an attractive target for termite infestation.

This article gives you three common reasons why termites attack your home.

To consume piles of wood.
One of the reasons why termites find your house a prominent target for infestation and colony-building is because stacks of wood lure them. Homes that store firewood and woodpiles make it convenient for termites to create entry points into your house. First, they would invade the stacks of wood. Then, it would be more suitable for them to have access points, primarily when the woodpiles cover your home’s siding.

They got attracted to moisture.
If you have leaky pipes at home, it would be best to get them fixed as soon as possible. The same goes for faulty drainage. Subterranean and dampwood termites are attracted to these situations where they can build their nest or use these environments as entry points to expand their colony. The consistent moist of the improperly functioning pipes and drainage is among the reasons why termites would target your house.

To build a colony
The fertile termites, or the king and queen of the colony, are responsible for mating. The queen can sometimes lay dozens of eggs. If your house contains the factors we mentioned above (piles of wood and moisture), then they probably find it a conducive place to live in. If unattended, they would multiply faster. Apart from that, living in homes separates them from some predators while getting better access to food, which are your walls, floors, and other wooden furniture.

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