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How much does a country spend in fixing termite damage?

Annually, are over 500,000 houses affected by termite-related damages in the United States. A colony of termites can cause massive damage in a while. Often, homeowners do not notice it, or if they do, they tend to ignore it. Either way, the damage caused by these pests is costly. That said, preventing the damage through yearly inspections should be a logical option for homeowners. 

Why are the damages caused by termites costly?

With an estimated amount of $5 billion worth of damage caused by termites, an average of 9 thousand dollars is spent by homeowners to fix these damages. This article provides some reasons as to why termite-induced damages are high-priced.

The damage typically starts in hidden areas.

A common ground to look at as to why termite repairs are expensive is due to the fact that they invade homes without being noticed. They usually reside underneath the house. They start consuming areas of the home by weakening its foundations. Sometimes, homeowners hear them doing their “business” underneath but ignore it. The tiny holes observed in the wooden structures of the house or the pile of mounds can be the aftermath of the termites munching the areas of the house from underneath.

They target structural timber.

An easy target for termites is structural timber. They feast on these materials that cause extensive damage to homes. This type of material is excellent for wood construction. However, once termites begin to infest them, the damage may require so much for the house owner. The damage would cost money and time.

They invade frames around windows and doors.

Apart from the walls and floors, another area common for termite invasion are the frames of doors and windows. These frames are commonly made from wood; hence, they would make a suitable place for these pests. Repairing this is expensive because of the labor and material cost.

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