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Bothered by small flies flying in your drain or flies pestering the fruits in your table. If you have seen this flies most probably you have a fruit fly and phorid fly infestation.

The key to solving infestations of small flies, such as fruit flies and phorid flies indoors, is to locate all the breeding sources and call a reputable pest control company to mitigate the problem. So, where are can we find these flies?

The most common breeding areas are floor drains, beer and soda overflow drains, and  plumbing lines leading down to drains as well as broken floor tiles and beneath floor mats that are always neglected when cleaning.

Small flies also breed in trash cans with decaying food specially fruits and vegetables. Recycling bins that are seldom used, emptied or cleaned, Other common breeding sites include:

  • Dirty cleaning equipment such as brooms and mops
  • Areas around leaky pipes and standing water
  • Cracks and crevices
  • Trash containers in out-of-the-way places
  • Empty bottles being held for recycling
  • Broken pipes under slabs

So the most effective prevention is to properly cover all trash bins, properly store dirty cleaning equipment, fix plumbing leaks, seal all cracks and crevices.