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Does calling a professional termite inspector make a drastic difference than when I do it myself?

There is nothing wrong with self-inspecting your home. A homeowner who keeps the house clean and makes sure that it is free from termites and other pests are imperative to living comfortably. On the other hand, wise homeowners know that doing the inspection without sufficient knowledge is not enough. Most termite inspections include the usage of technologies that are not usually available in households. Professionals have ample expertise that makes it an advantage when we ask them to check our homes. That said, a termite inspection is better done with the help of professionals.

What should I expect during a termite inspection in my house?

It will take more than an hour

Inspections that are professionally done would take an hour or so. Experts will perform a comprehensive interior and exterior examination because it includes checking areas that homeowners do not notice or inspect themselves. They would have to roam around your house and look around areas outside to make sure that they recognize the risk factors in your home. The inspection would involve checking the perimeter of your house to spot places that potentially attract termites. What usually contributes to the length of inspection time is when homeowners are not prepared for the inspection. It is advised to rearrange your furniture prior to the inspection to give professionals more accessible means to areas that they have to check.

Discover damaged areas

Each year, the damage caused by termites to properties amounts to over $5 billion. As professionals check your home, expect to discover the havoc that termites caused. Especially if you have not done termite inspection for a long time, these pests may have destroyed some areas without being noticed. Termites usually reside in dark and moist areas, so you may see the adverse effects of their presence in your house during the inspection. That is why termite inspection is highly encouraged so that the damage they cause would not cost so much.

Schedule inspection annually

Whether your house is made of lumber or brick, you are at risk for termite infestation. Experts would advise that inspections should be done as regularly as once a year. It would be best to select a reputable company that you can work with for a long time. Professionals will help you discover warning signs before they could cause massive damage, so make the inspection an annual routine.

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