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Is it possible for me to locate termites in my home?

There are types of termites that disrupt the comfort of our homes. They could be anywhere near your favorite area in your house without you noticing it. Termites’ size helps them hide from the people in your home even if their remains are found scattered all over. The mounds of wood powder you sweep that you thought are only everyday dust could prove that termites live with you. However, there are common places in your house where you might locate these pests. Although the best option to help your home be cleared from termites is to call for inspectors, we can help you perform your pre-inspection. This article will guide you to the top five spots in your home that are typical for termites to attack.

Where do termites commonly reside?

Under the Sink

Termites that reside at home need to survive. That said, termites that plague homes, also commonly known as subterranean termites, look for water sources. When trying to spot areas where these pests could be present, do not forget to look into your sink. Inspect the sinks of your bathroom and kitchen. Check every once in a while to ensure that there are no possible signs of termites residing there.


Wooden doors are also a common place for termites to infest. If you observe holes in one of them, this could mean that there are already termites infesting it. Do not just keep an eye on the door, but also the perimeters surrounding it. You might also observe wood-colored termite droppings around the area. Inspect for the droppings of their wings as well.


If you hear random banging coming from your attic, one of the more apparent possibilities is that termites are already plaguing the area. These pests are known to bang their heads against wood areas as they feed themselves or communicate with other termites. You may want to inspect the site, or don’t hesitate to invite a termite inspector. After all, this expert is the most favorable person to call for help.

Wood Framings

Termites are most notable for feeding on products that contain cellulose. Cellulose comprises hundreds to thousands of hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen. This molecule is found in woods. With that, it is advisable to inspect the wood framings in your home to see if termites are infesting the area. They get their nutrients from the materials found in your wood framings. In exchange for that, your wooden walls or windows become weaker and less durable.


If you have a basement at home, you might want to look into wooden furniture kept there. Moist basements are susceptible to termite attack. They would love living there, especially when you put furniture and other materials they can feed on. Check for termite holes that may be visible in your wooden furniture and other supplies placed in the basement. You may also see mounds of frass in the area, which is another sign of termite presence in your house.

After inspecting these areas, do not hesitate to make arrangements with a termite inspector, especially if visible signs of termite infestation are showing. You also don’t have to wait to see termite droppings before calling for an inspector. Do not panic; instead, feel free to ask for help from experts. It is crucial to know and feel that you are secure and comfortable in the vicinity of your home.


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