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Why is the presence of termites alarming?

Isn’t it disturbing how such minuscular-sized creatures can be so invasive that their presence distresses you? Well, termites are a considerable problem common to many homes and buildings susceptible to them. Although they are small in size and often unseen, their presence is felt soon as you discover the havoc they bring. Sometimes these problems even take extensive and expensive mending to fix the damage they cause.

What problems do termites cause?

One common thing to most structures is that they are all likely to be infested with termites. Unfortunately, they could hardly be seen. That is why we recommend that you conduct a professional termite inspection and extraction annually. While these pests do not pose direct harm to humans, this article presents three problems that termites can cause.

Some species are capable of biting humans.
As to the question, if termites bite people, a simple answer would be “yes.” A species known as the Formosan Termites are equipped with mandibles whose bite can hurt and cause inflammation. Fortunately, termites biting humans are isolated cases. It is infrequent and often nontoxic or harmful. Still, it is better not to experience it.

They cause damage enough to put your structure at risk to collapse.
Structural damage is probably the most known problem that termites can cause. Their constant biting and eating of the wood in your home can cause your floors, walls, and ceilings to swell, woods to buckle, and faucets or pipes to get damaged. The colony of these pests is thriving 24 hours every day. If neglected, the structure of your home may collapse, causing you a massive amount of money for repair.

Termite-infested homes may cause possible health problems.
Although termites are not known as disease-carrying pests, their actions can cause some health issues. For one, termite droppings known as frass can cause allergic reactions. Secondly, molds from decomposed wood can also trigger chronic asthma attacks when inhaled. Lastly, the pesticides you use to spray may have harmful chemicals that can cause damage to the health of anyone exposed to it. That is why it is better to consult a professional for help. At the end of the day, the last thing you want to do is to compromise the safety of your loved ones.

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