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Pest Control

Our Four Season approach to residential pest control consists of the most advanced technology and methods available today. Every home gets a customized pest management strategy to get pests out your home and keep them out year-round.

I need a pest control

    My parents have been using Attack Pest Management since the 1980’s.  From Jim to Jeff, they have been very happy with the company.  Besides their excellent customer service, their pricing is one to beat.  No doubt they have been in business for this long.  Thank you Jim and Jeff!

    Heidi  Wink
    West Covina, CA

    What kind of treatment do you do?



    What is the Four Season approach?

    Our four season approach targets the seasonal pest problem locally in Southern California. Each season and climate triggers particular pests to be active and  to look for harborage. However, it is common to see ants, spiders and rodents  year round.


    Warmth indoors attracts pests into your living spaces; rain and cold weather drive ants, rodents, silverfish and spiders inside. Pests can also be brought inside on plants, firewood, and other items. Rodents are especially problematic due to colder temperatures outside.


    Warmer spring weather invites bees, Argentine ants into your home and yard. Other common spring pests include: termite swarmers, carpenter ants, fire ants, pill bugs, spiders, aphids, wasps, fleas, ticks, box elder bugs, gophers and moles.


    High temperature is conducive for bees, wasps, and yellow jackets, as well as ants, earwigs, millipedes, crickets, springtails, brown widow spiders, black widow spiders and water beetles. The summer weather also spikes the activity of  bed bugs, fleas, ticks and German cockroach, scorpions especially in new development areas and in homes located in foothill like surroundings.


    As temperatures drop and cooler weather approaches, orb weaver, spiders, beetles, rodents, stink bugs, box elder beetles and other overwintering pests begin to move indoors . These pests use walls, voids, basements and attics as winter retreats. Termites are very active this time of the year, so too are gophers. It is particularly important to be on the lookout for droppings and gnaw marks, indicating rodent infestation. Rodent control and exclusion work begin to significantly trend up during the fall.


    How do you manage pests?

    Since 1985, Attack has been a local expert and innovator. We live in your neighborhood, that’s why we are very familiar with local pest trends.

    • We INSPECT your home comprehensively and identify current and potential problems.
    • We ERADICATE existing pest in our initial service.
    • We PROTECT by treating the perimeter of your house creating a pest barrier, removing spider webs and wasp nest so they cannot strive.
    • We SEAL the potential entry point of pests around the house.
    • We MONITOR the interior and the exterior of the house to be avoid pest reinfestation.
    • We PREVENT by making the homeowners and property managers part of our team – implementing sanitation and exclusion to prevent pest infestation.
    What are pest health hazards?


    The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) reported that one in five children in the United State suffers from asthma because of cockroaches around them. As children spend more time indoor, they are affected by allergens that are present around them. Since asthma has no cure, it is only controlled by medicines and different treatments.


    Hantavirus is a life-threatening disease, it is more like influenza. This virus is carried by rodents. Rodents are everywhere from our kitchen to sewerage pipes. Rodents are best known to contaminate food, kitchen floor and utensils. For a proper rodent control, make sure all cracks are sealed and the draining system is without any fault.

    Lyme disease

    This disease is transmitted by ticks bites. This disease makes a person weak and irritated. It is common in wooden areas. Lyme disease includes a “bull’s eye” rash around the bite, flu-like symptoms and extreme fatigue. In the recent years, report says, Lyme disease is spreading on a large scale.

    Serious allergies and skin irritation

    Bees, yellow jackets and hornets are known as stingers. They are aggressive in nature, and spare no one who tries to destroy their colony and larvae. Their sting leaves one with high itchy skin and skin allergies. If you find their colonies near your place, consult a pest control service and let them take control.

    West Nile Virus

    This disease is spread by mosquitoes. Ever thought mosquitoes can be fatal? Normally, you won’t experience any prominent symptoms but this disease is deadly as it can inflame your brain. Mild symptoms tend to go away but sever signs such as severe headache, fever, disorientation or sudden weakness require immediate attention. 

    Food Contamination

    Ants contaminate food like no other. Ants come in bulks, if you see one ant be ready as they are more to come before your eyes. They can cause serious health problems for you and for your family. Take a quick action to get rid of ants as soon as possible.