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Do homeowners play a role in keeping their homes termites-free?

There is no doubt that termites, in general, are destructive pests. They bring horror in the homes they attack, causing a massive worth of repairs. Although it may seem challenging to achieve a termite-free home, there are actually significant ways that homeowners can do and should not do. Property owners need to spend time considering how they become participants in making a difference in their homes.

What are the dos and don’ts in dealing with termites at home?

DON’T use termite-killing pesticides meant outdoors inside.

Pesticides are a property owner’s best friend when it comes to destroying harmful organisms that invade their homes. It has chemicals that could help eliminate these pests and control them from further infestation. On the other hand, some substances are more toxic than others. Using pesticides that are meant for outdoor use may put family members at risk if applied inside the house. Pesticides could be so strong and harmful that when they’re deposited in one’s colon, they can put the body at risk of becoming poisoned. In fact, it could also potentially cause short-term to chronic unfavorable health effects.

Instead, DO use prescribed pesticides or insecticides indoors.

Some pesticides are safe for indoor and outdoor uses. However, they are infrequent. The best thing to do is to read the label and ingredients used to manufacture the product. Be aware of the chemical percentage used and the types of insects or pests they kill (some are not intended for termites). The inside of the house needs fewer toxic materials to guarantee the safety of the dwellers. They also contain fewer fumes, so they disperse in the air quickly.

If one is concerned about their health, carefully read the precautions and directions for use attached in the product container.

DON’T excuse the smallest signs of infestation.

Noticing the tiniest fractures in the walls’ surface or the constant leakage of gutters could be the beginning of a bigger problem: termite infestation. Unfortunately, this negligence might lead to them becoming the contributors to the worsening of termite attacks.

Instead, DO perform a thorough inspection.

Owners must check homes frequently to notice further signs of termite infestation. Doing this avoids additional damage. A thorough inspection means checking the entire house. From the brightest to the darkest corners, from attics to basements, and from inside to outside. These pests live favorably in damp areas, so they should also inspect the bathroom and kitchen. 

DON’T be entirely complacent in personal home inspections.

Although personal inspections help keep a termite-free abode, they are not enough. Owners should not rely on simply keeping the house clean all the time because they might fail to examine areas that are actually at risk of infestation. They should not put their complete trust in their hands by merely keeping an eye for possible signs because some termite activities happen underground and in areas inside the wooden parts of the home.

Instead, DO call for a professional

Professional termite inspectors have sufficient knowledge and the proper equipment to be used. Our company ensures an all-out inspection. Through our expertise, we can ensure that we get to exterminate termites and provide protection against them. It is crucial to remember that regular house inspection made by experts is necessary.


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