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When should termite infestation worry me?

Every year, billions of dollars of damage to structural properties have been caused by termites. Unfortunately, some cases need to pay twice as much the damage caused for the repair. Since termites are difficult to detect without a thorough inspection, they can devastate homes without alarming the owners. If you don’t know how to protect your house from termites, it should give you enough reason to worry. But this article will provide you with some of the most effective measures to guard your home against termites and the possible damage they may cause.

How can I protect my home against termite damage?

Homeowners are responsible for keeping their properties safe from termites. There are simple measures that you can take to make sure that termites do not invade your home. Although practices can be different for every infrastructure, you may select which ones apply to yours.

The following are ways to reduce the risk of termite damage:

Remove nearby wood, lumber, and cardboard from your home.
Termites are fond of wood because they are after the component found in woods called cellulose. If there are stacks of cardboard or firewood near your home, it is best if you keep them away from your house. This is to refrain from giving termites easy access to your house. If possible, we also recommend that you raise the woods off direct contact from the ground.

Reduce moisture near the foundations of your house.
Moisture and humidity are factors that attract termites. The constant formation of moisture that impacts the soil near your home attracts termites into your gutters and other possible entry points. Ensure that your drainage systems and lawn sprinklers are correctly installed to reduce tendencies of water puddling that can call the attention of termites.

Repair home damage.
Check out for possible damages at home, and have them repaired as soon as possible. You may inspect for leaky pipes, damaged roofs, rotted wood, and unlikely cracks and crevices. Prolonging the disrepair gives termites access to your house. In fact, these damages may also be a sign that termites are already in your home.

Commit to annual inspections.
Always consider having your home inspected and treated by professionals. Keeping watch to avoid damage can save your house from more massive destruction. Make it a routine to have your house examined by people who are licensed to inspect it. Commit to scheduling inspections to help you monitor and prevent termite infestation.

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