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Do I have termites in my house?

Due to their size, we often do not see the presence of termites. Usually, we even mistake them for ants. Hence, keeping a keen eye on the signs of termites is very important.

There are many indications of termite presence in your house. One of the most apparent manifestations is actually seeing them. However, you can also tell if there are termites in your place if you notice termite droppings, exterior wood damage, or bubbling paint.

How do I protect my home against termite infestation?

Your home is the place where you should feel comfortable around. It ought to be the area where you can enjoy activities without worries. However, unless you take precautionary measures, it can be susceptible to unsolicited residents like termites. They can be tough to deal with because they are not easily detectable. That is why you should take the extra mile in protecting your home against them.

To do so, take note of the following ways that will help ensure that your house is protected from termites:

Do some inspection yourself

One trivial way to heighten your protection against termite infestation is to have a sharp eye on what is going on in your house. Do not ignore the signs of their presence. Better yet, conduct the preliminary inspection yourself. For instance, you can check if you’ll come to find mounds of wood dust while sweeping under your bed. You can also take some time to listen if you can hear soft yet consistent banging sounds within your walls.

You might think that these actions may not be significant, but they can make so much difference when it comes to increasing your home’s protection against termites.

Declutter your space

When termites settle in your house, that is most likely because they find it a place where they can survive. That said, you must declutter your home every once in a while. You can get rid of old newspapers, magazines, or books that you won’t read anymore. Do not reuse things that have been invaded by termites, like wooden picture frames, chairs, and other furniture. Keeping them only attracts termites.

Make sure to keep only what is necessary. Do not hesitate to let go of the items you won’t need because you never know how massive its effect is in keeping your home termite-free.

Choose the right termite control company

Consider having your home inspected and treated by a professional termite control company. Selecting the right firm for your needs can help prevent potential damage. Ensure that they are licensed by the State to conduct their job. Do not hesitate to ask questions, especially if you have no treatment history.


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