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Is it vital to prepare your home before a termite inspection?

When having a termite inspection, inspectors will look into every crevice of your home, be it internal or external. It will examine possible infestation signs to make your home a comfortable place for you and not for these pests. Ideally, inspections last for about 45 minutes and occur every one or two years, depending on your house’s age, so you might want to maximize the number of minutes they spend checking your home. That said, you do not want to spend too much time moving and removing things that you could have been done prior, rather than the actual inspection. Getting your home ready for a check-up is very important to save time, and this helps the inspector do their job conveniently for both of you.

What are the ways for me to prepare my house for the inspection?

Remove storage under bathroom or kitchen sinks

While termite inspectors don’t mind helping you take your storage out, it will slow them down from the process of examining your home. Inspectors need to check your water sources in case of possible termite activities going on there. Since termites need moisture and cannot survive for days without water, your sinks are among these pests’ go-to places. It would be easier for the inspectors to check these drains and sinks if you remove any storage beneath these areas.

Move your furniture

Before the inspectors arrive to examine your house for termite infestation, transfer the easy to move things. Couches, mini tables, and other furniture should be taken towards the center of the room and away from its walls. After that, you may want to clear and clean out any clutter. Doing so gives the termite inspectors an easier way to access the perimeters of your abode. With that, you are helping them have an efficient and sufficient amount of time since the corners that they have to check are already ready for access.

Prepare your attic

Inspectors will roam around your house. They will check your home, and the attic will not be an exemption. Before the inspection, make sure to remove anything the blocks the entrance to your attic. Ensure that there will be no falling debris that might impede the assessment. Apart from those, make sure that the inspectors would have access to good lighting up there.

Inform your housemates

There is a big chance that the process of termite inspection might deter some household activities. It might limit your family members’ movements. Before the examination, do not forget to brief your family about it. Termite inspectors may provide essential instructions that household members should know. Doing this will make the activity smoother and convenient for both parties.


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