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Can termites affect my health?

Termites, as we know them, are some of the most destructive pests. They feed on the wooden structures at home. However, they do not just bring danger to our house. While people are so conscious of the destruction they may cause in hour residence, they tend to forget that termites might also cause health issues. Indeed, termites do not directly harm humans. On the other hand, health issues prompted by termites may arise.

How do termites affect my health?

Listed below are the four health hazards caused by termites:

Have you not ever thought about how termites can damage electrical wirings? There are actually types of termites with mighty jaws, powerful enough to bite the cables and wiring they find. As they enjoy chewing these wires, it may cause short-circuit in your house. When they accomplish destroying the insulation around your cable wires, this can cause hazards to you and your family members.

Skin Allergies
Termites tend to spread molds because they dwell in ill-lit and moist areas. Molds refer to microbes that may cause fungal infections. They settle on damp spots at home, and that is how and where they grow. Although humans are innately exposed to these molds, too much exposure may trigger the skin. Sensitivity to molds may cause one to get ill.

Mold may also trigger a person with asthma. A home infested by termite can provoke health problems. Molds produced from decomposed wooden structures may settle in the body. These mold spores, when inhaled, may cause chronic asthma. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid exposure to these molds, or else you may get sick.

Just as you might think that the sneezing you experience daily is usual or due to the dust in your house, then you might have to think again. Don’t you wonder why you always sweep a mound of dust in the corners of your home? You may not be aware that these piles of frass caused by termites may cause you to feel sick.

Apart from those mentioned above, these pests could actually bite your pets or sting your skin. These health hazards should be more than enough reasons as to why you should consider getting inspectors for your home.


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