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Are termite inspections permitted during the pandemic?

The occurrence of the pandemic has no doubt disrupted the “normal” state of our lives. The economy experienced a deep recession expected to leave a lasting impact. However, businesses like ours will continue to commit to its essential service of protecting homes against termite infestation. Our services are imbued by our customers’ need to be safe against termites while staying at home. Setting appointments for treatments and prevention against these pests is necessary with or without COVID-19. These assessments will significantly help in managing termite problems sooner than later.

What are some crucial tips when setting an inspection during the pandemic?

Inspections during the pandemic will be different from before. Safety protocols are implemented for the guidance of homeowners. There is a need to protect both the homeowner and the inspector against acquiring the coronavirus. Here are some pieces of advice to follow during a home inspection in the new normal:

Clean-up before the inspection

The safety of customers and workers should not come last. As an initiative, homeowners must perform basic clean-up the day before the inspection so that termite inspectors would not need to spend much time in their homes. You can start your primary assessment, take note of them, and briefly inform the inspectors during the session. Cleaning your house and moving things around will make corners more accessible for the inspectors to check. Hence, it will not extend the inspection time.

Ask home inspectors which items they will be touching.

One common mistake made by homeowners is not asking questions. Before the inspection, it is safer to inquire which areas they will be checking and what surfaces they will be touching. You can also specify which things you think are not necessary to be touched or inspected. Practicing this precaution will keep your family and the inspectors safer in the middle of a pandemic.

Avoid physical contact with inspectors.

Hospitality is typical when accepting people at home. They show their convivial attitude through physical touches, such as handshaking. During the coronavirus pandemic, however, physical contact is highly discouraged. You may simply greet them as a sign of welcoming them into your home. It is safer to secure that you are wearing essential protection against the virus, such as face masks and face shields at the duration of the inspection. Ask them to maintain social distancing throughout the service.

Practice good hygiene during the inspection

Good hygiene is a must. That said, plan with the company what safety measures you should practice when the inspectors arrive and while they are working. Ensure that the inspectors you welcome are in good health. If one of them is not feeling well or is showing signs of coronavirus, prohibit them from attending. Before accepting the inspectors in your house, see to it that they would use alcohol or alcohol-based hand sanitizer before and after performing their service, and make sure to disinfect your home after.


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