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Do termite inspections vary?

Yes, termite inspections vary on many factors. One of those things is the location of your home. They will check all the rooms, spaces, and crevices of the house to see signs of infestations. The professionals will inspect even furniture, cabinets, and frames as well. Apart from that, they will also look into how much damage has already been done. Upon examining, it will help them determine the kind of treatment your home needs.

What practical things do I need to know for my first termite control appointment?

The most helpful way to have a smooth flow during your first termite inspection appointment is to be prepared. That way, when the inspectors arrive, they can get into the job as soon as possible. To make the process convenient and comfortable, below are three practical things that you need to do during your first termite inspection.

Give inspectors access to have a thorough assessment.

To save more time, ensure to move some household items and furniture before the inspectors arrive. It will help give them access to check your house thoroughly. It is advisable to bring your things at least two feet away from the walls to provide enough space for the inspectors. You should also remove items that block openings and other house areas that will be inspected. Empty your kitchen and bathroom sinks because they will be checked, too.

Have a conversation about your experience.

Professional inspectors would want to talk to you about your experiences and concerns. It would be best if you took note of the indicators of termite presence in your home. Make sure that your answers are concise. That way, the inspectors can better understand your situation and suggest ways to address your concerns.

Prepare a set of questions to ask.

Do not hesitate to ask your inspector queries to further your knowledge in the inspection process. Asking questions will help you understand how the inspection can help your house steer away from termite damage.

Here are some questions that you may ask your inspector:
Where did you locate the infestation?
What kind of treatment can you recommend?
How long will the treatment take?
How much is its initial cost?

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