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Do I still have a role to play after a termite inspection?

Since termite inspections typically take place annually, the condition of your house or building for the rest of the year depends on you. Home and building owners play a huge role in ensuring that termites cannot take advantage of the structure. Just because you do not see a hint of their existence does not mean that you will have the total confidence that they are not infesting your building or that they will no longer come back.

What are some ways for me to clean my house and ensure that it won’t attract termites?

Keep away woodpiles.

Wood attracts termites. Therefore, if you have heaps of wood that rest near your house, we advise you to place them elsewhere. It includes firewood that entices termites. They will only give termites the nutrients that help them survive, but they will also get a chance to draw nearer to your home. Protect your house by keeping them at least 30 feet away.

Fix leaky pipes.

Leakage in pipes and drainage brings moisture into your house. Termites rely on the moisture to help them keep and build their colony. Pipes and drainage will be a good place for these pests to start destroying your home. It is easier for termites to attack these spots because these are the areas you do not often notice. Take time to fix these leakages as soon as possible.

Dispose of unnecessary or unused items.

Declutter is the term used to describe the disposal of clutter. It will not only make your home spacious, but you can also get rid of some items that potentially invite termites. You can also see some of the spots that termites invade by cleaning the space of your house. Some of the things that you can throw away are old newspapers, cardboard, and broken furniture.

Seal cracks and cover holes.

Inspect your walls, ceiling, and floor, and note the crevices and holes that are forming. These are potential entry points for termites. You have to cover these holes as soon as possible to safeguard your home from infestation. If you cannot do it by yourself, the best alternative is to hire a professional to help you. Not only will they repair and seal these cracks and holes, but they will also inspect for termites, kill them, and propose ways to prevent them.


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