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Ant control sprays are all over your local hardware store. It’s important to remember that these pesticides may be harmful if you don’t follow the label directions . Most of these sprays are meant to kill the ants you see crawling and exposed and usually act as a deterrent. Most over-the-counter products have no residual (or lasting) effect.  Residual means the property of insecticides remain effective where they are applied for a period of time. If the spray lacks the residual factor it’s effectiveness will be diminished in a very short period of time. Ants are still able to enter your home, they will simply find a way around the spray because the effectiveness of the chemical is short lived.

In addition, some colonies  that the spray won’t reach will still thrive. An example is a colony located inside the  walls cannot be eradicated by the a simple over the counter spray.

In addition to inadequate over the counter spray treatment, colonies can continue to thrive if the queen ant survives The queen is the one in charge of populating the colony.. As long as she is unharmed, she can produce more ants to enter your home. The more she produce offspring, the more they need to eat. In other words solving ant problem is not as simple as spraying the ants with over the counter ant spray. It takes a professional pest control knowledge , strategy and right kind of treatments.