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How important is it to be aware of termites?

Termites cause significant structural damage to wooden furniture, homes, and buildings. Although small in size, termites are mighty creatures because they can chew on wood non-stop. Suppose owners are not conscious of their existence; damage repair can be costly. It is why home and building owners are advised to get their structures inspected regularly.

In what ways can I identify termites in my house/building?

Termites are not the only tiny insects that could be dwelling in your home. Some crevices may be filled with other small insects, too. However, it would help if you never were too complacent about it. The earlier you detect the appearance of termites in your home, the more beneficial it will be for you, your family, your home, and your finances. And we got you!

Listed below are four helpful ways to identify termites.

Clicking noises.
The sound you hear behind the walls may not be a ghost—they could be termites, too! Some inspectors refer to these clicking noises as termites banging their heads or moving their bodies against the walls. You may not notice these noises instantly because they are not that loud. However, these could be worker termites munching your home, or they could be soldier termites making the banging sounds to signal danger to others.

Grain-sized droppings.
Drywood termites have a habit of driving the remnants of their digested wood out of the holes they build. Therefore, if you notice a mound of frass while cleaning, you can consider it as a sign that termites are inside your home. Meanwhile, if you see some of these pellet-sized droppings outside, then they are near the area.

Physical appearance.
If they look like ants but with wings the size of their body, then they are potentially termites beginning to infest your home. Suppose you get the chance to catch this insect you suspect to be a termite; then, you can do a quick scan of its physical appearance. The most common description of termites is that they have four wings and two straight antennae. On the other hand, if you ever see a termite-like creature without wings, do not be too complacent because they can be termites that lose their wings after swarming.

Professional inspection.
The first three (3) points that we suggested are the most common ways to detect termites. However, you should be aware that there are various types of termites. It is why we highly recommend that the best way to recognize their presence is to ask for the help of professionals. Not only will they notify you if infestations are already going on in your home or building, but they can also help treat or avoid potential problems in the future.


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